This page was developed by your fellow citizens as part of the Code4PA Hackathon. The portal was built using data from Pennsylvania Government’s Open Data portal.

KnowPA.Com team from TE Connectivity will continue to enhance this  site further as we see new data  being released by government. We strongly encourage you to visit PA’s Open Data Portal, and take advantage of its massive data assets for your own projects.

Our Project Brief :  There are over 100,000 plus traffic accidents each year in PA, with an average of 3000+ fatalities. Our predictive model uses the crash data history and upcoming weather forecast info to pin-point the most high risk traffic zones by the hour for next 7 days.  This information can be used by state agencies such as Penndot and State troopers to plan ahead and deploy resources to make these areas more safe. We believe simple changes like trooper presence, more warning signs, redesign of intersections where possible at these high risk locations can significantly reduce fatalities over time. You can check out the high risk zones for fatalities near your home by typing in your zip code in search bar on the map link below.

You can also find out historical information on air quality, drinking water quality in your respective counties using the second image link below. We are working with state agencies to get more updated information around these categories through





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